Taking forward its Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan, DJJS Sanrakshan commemorated World Water Day 2018 across India through a fortnight of events, including nukkad nataks, rallies, awareness counters, workshops, etc. to sensitize people of different age groups about the gravity of current water crises and encourage them to act to conserve the precious resource.

Despite of being called a land of rivers, India has been facing acute shortage of water for the past few decades. This is not just because of the overuse of the resource, but abuse too that has resulted into clean water crises. What an irony! It has been 26 years to us observing World Water Day since its inception in 1993; however, instead of people becoming more responsible in their use, there has been an increase in the cases of resource exploitation, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Today, the biggest news across the globe is about the Cape town, where the water sources have dried up attributing to excessive use of the resource, rendering people into a state where they are allowed to use only 50 Litres of water a day. Although, Day Zero has been pushed back (to July 9) for the town, the crisis would continue to prevail if people do not start taking the issue seriously.

Under such circumstances, DJJS Sanrakshan feels it is the high time that people realize the worth of water and take action to protect it. Hence, this year, it made a wake-up call to people all across India to switch to green ways in utilizing the precious water, through reuse & reduce techniques.

Here is a glimpse of programs undertaken by DJJS Sanrakshan at Pan-India level:

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