Self-Development and Correctional Centre (SDCC) has been set up for reformation of prisoners in Kurukshetra Jail, Haryana. This joint venture of DJJS and Jail authorities was inaugurated on 17th May, 2015 by the Hon’ble Lokayukta Justice Pritam Pal (Retd), Haryana. The inauguration ceremony was attended by 280 prisoners.

DJJS Sets up Self-Development & Correctional Centre in Kurukshetra Jail

Swami Margedeepanand Ji from DJJS and Somnath Jagat (Superintendent) along with Smt. Bimla Devi (Dy. Superintendent) from Kurukshetra Prison facilitated the event.

DJJS Sets up Self-Development & Correctional Centre in Kurukshetra Jail

SDCC aims at creating a lively residential atmosphere for the mindset correction of offenders through Spiritual Discourses, Dhyan, and In-depth Counseling, which will be conducted on frequent basis. DJJS provided curtains and mats in the initial preparatory phase of SDCC. The next phase of SDCC establishment is in pipeline which will incorporate extended services for prisoner reformation.

Hon’ble Lokayaukta was introduced to Antarkranti and its successful reformative & rehabilitative works in the prison sector. Swami Margdeepanand Ji shared with him the program reports and the herbal products made by trained prisoners under the livelihood project -Antarkranti.

The Lokayaukta appreciated the concept of Self-Development and Correctional Centre for the prisoners inside Jail, and was influenced with endeavors of DJJS. He appealed to the prisoners to utilize this platform and motivated them to reap maximum benefit from the services that will be delivered through SDCC. He expressed his wish to see Kurukshetra as a Model Jail, which could be made possible by the strong and effective coordination between Jail administration, DJJS and Prisoners. He requested DJJS to conduct regular sessions in Kurukshetra Jails.

Sh. Somnath Jagat-Superintendent congratulated DJJS for its support and cooperation in laying out the stepping stones path for reformation of prisoners, through the development of SDCC.

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