Under the invaluable guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS is spreading the glory of Indian culture all across the world.  So recently, Divya Jyoti Jagrati  Sansthan organised nine days Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya at Noida.

DJJS stages Shrimad Bhagvat Katha at Noida

Devotees in large number from nearby areas gathered for their active participation on this occasion. Around 5000 people gathered together off stage to make the event a grand success by participating in it for 9 days.

DJJS stages Shrimad Bhagvat Katha at Noida

The katha orator Sadhvi Kalindi bharti Ji, Disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji flawlessly narrated katha with innumerable shlokas and explained that Shri Krishna who is existence absolute, knowledge absolute and bliss absolute manifested himself in a human grab only for the benefit of mankind to destroy wickedness and to establish righteousness. She also explained the purpose behind the recitation of katha that is Braham Gyan (Divine knowledge). It is an eternal technique through which we can practically experience and realise god.

She also discussed upon various project undertaken in the guidance of shri Ashutosh maharaj Ji like Antarkranti, Antardrishti, Sanjeevika, Ayurvedic SAM and Akhand Gyan. An eye-catching exhibition on Manthan, the holistic education programme of DJJS that aims to provide free education to under-priviledged children.

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