Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s Relief Team, under Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Operation, which had set out for survey of Rudraprayag district for further relief work has identified villages which need immediate relief and interventions for long term rehabilitation & resettlement. These villages are:

DJJS' Uttarakhand Flood Relief Operation Update
  1. Dhiri
  2. Damar
  3. Kandara
  4. Chandrapuri
  5. Banswara
  6. Ukhimath
  7. Kund
  8. Guptkashi
  9. Phata
  10. Narayankoti
  11. Agastmuni
  12. Vijay Nagar
  13. Chilli
  14. Tilwara
  15. Gabni
  16. Rambada


DJJS' Uttarakhand Flood Relief Operation Update

Taking a rapid survey and talking to local residents who have survived the tragedy, the following demand for relief has been sent by the team to the Organisation’s Delhi Head Quarters:

  1. Immediate Relief Work

With traditional signaling that locals use to alarm the lower areas of approaching floods local residents could hardly attempt to save anything but their lives and only few succeeded. The survivors who ran up-hill to save themselves returned only to find that their houses and belongings have been washed and many families have no clue about the lost family members. Village like Gabni does not have even one house standing. People are stranded and have taken refuge either in college building, houses of relatives or neighbors. The immediate basic minimum relief required is:

  1. Food & Water
  2. Utensils – (Steel Glass, Steel Plates, Spoons, Tumblers 15,000 each)
  3. Tent 12’ x 14’ (2000 in number)
  4. Daily Supplies (Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Buckets & Mugs, Soaps) 15000 each
  5. Other amenities: (Blankets, woollens, tarpaulins, rain-coats, umbrellas, torches, solar lamps, socks, shoes &kitos, and caps) 15000 each minimum.
  1. Setting up of Make-shift Hospital

With health needs emerging from; possibilities of epidemic breaking due to decaying dead bodies, trauma, injuries and basic health needs as most dispensaries being damaged, it is proposed to establish a make-shift hospital at Rudraprayag district which will serve to the areas listed.

  1. IV Stands,
  2. Medicines & Vaccines
  3. Folding Cots
  4. Dressing Stools  
  5. Almiras for Storing Medicines
  6. Water –proof tenting for hospital
  7. Bricks and mortar for flooring

A list of volunteers who are medics and paramedics associated with DJJS’ Dehradun and Delhi Branches has been prepared who will be providing medical services to the victims.

  1. Rehabilitation  & Resettlement of Displaced Residents:

Considering the weather immediately after the monsoon winters will fall upon this Himalyan State. Development of temporary shelter homes, repair of houses and resettlement of people whose villages have been totally destroyed is most pressing need. The senior relief team of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is consulting the local residents/victims/survivors and the local authorities. And soon a plan will be proposed which will primarily look to rehabilitate orphans, widows, elderly and displaced residents.

We are requesting those citizens of India who have the potential to contribute to help the survivors who have been left with very little or no support system for sustaining their life. We request you to kindly generously support DJJS’ Uttarakhand Floods Relief Operation.

You could please extend your donations to Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan – A/C Relief Fund. Direct contribution can be made to Relief Account; Indian Bank, A/C No. 418351864, IFSC Code- IDIB000P153.

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