Furthering the aim of re- building fading human- nature relationship of mutualism, DJJS Vikas Puri, on the occasion of Van Mahotsav, undertook a special tree plantation initiative at Tikona Park, Vikas Puri on 6th July 2014.  Mr. Karmvir Shekhar, Counsellor, Vikas Puri, Ward No. - 123 was the chief guest for the event. A total of 20 neem saplings were planted in the park.

DJJS VikasPuri celebrates Van Mahotsav

“Parks are said to be the lungs of urban areas. However, amidst the busy urban life, these parks generally remain unmaintained and are gradually transform into dumping grounds. They actually suffer from the popular phenomena of ‘Tragedy of commons‘, wherein shared resources either remain unattended or end up being plundered owing to the self- centred decision- making and action of the involved stakeholders. Thus, we chose Van Mahotsav as an occasion to remind urban dwellers of their environmental responsibility and take up their role in conservation and maintenance of the community parks”, said Sadhvi Shyama Bharti Ji, Coordinator, DJJS Vikas Puri Branch.

DJJS VikasPuri celebrates Van Mahotsav

The idea was not only to plant trees but to reiterate the value of individual action in conserving environment. Hence, the tree plantation effort was preceded by a door- to door awareness generation drive in the area. The female volunteers of DJJS Vikas Puri Branch visited over 1000 households and sensitized them towards their environmental responsibility and invited them to participate in the tree plantation initiative. A band of male volunteers visited 8 residential welfare associations in the vicinity of the park and motivated them to take up their responsibility towards Mother Nature.  Over a 1000 people participated in the tree plantation drive.

Van Mahotsav is the annual tree plantation festival celebrated across India. The foundation of the festival was laid in the year 1950 by the then Union Minister for Agriculture, Mr K.M Munshi, in the wake of deteriorating environmental condition, and rising incidence of deforestation. Though certain communities across India engage annually in celebrating this tree plantation festival, but for urban population the festival remains lesser known. Working with the mandate of reconnecting human beings with nature to sustain conservation, Sanrakshan is actively working on including the celebration of Van Mahotsav in urban culture.

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