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Under its holistic health program-‘Aarogya’, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) has been organizing ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivirs’ - an empowering and energizing ‘Yoga Camps’ free of cost, to create awareness and encourage practice of Yoga amongst people as the indigenous manner of healthy lifestyle.

Under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, DJJS through ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivir’ has been promoting “Yoga, Pranayama & Dhyan” as an intangible cultural heritage of India. ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivirs’ have become a benchmark to create awareness and encourage the practice of Yoga. These Shivirs enumerates the significance and applicability of Yoga, Pranayama & Dhyan in overall healing of the body, attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony. This Yoga Camp covers asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques, meditation as well as ayurvedic health care tips.

A large number of yoga enthusiasts of all ages and from every walk of life participate with great zeal and enthusiasm in these ‘Vilakshan Yog’ camps for better health and well-being. Over two to three hours of Yoga session, various asanas - pranayama techniques are performed and taught pertaining to the daily life problems such as backache, hyper blood pressure, obesity, joint pains etc. along with brief commentary highlighting their significance to the different bodily functions. The participants are sensitized on the health benefits and significance of traditional wisdom of Yoga along with Ayurveda as an effective treatment for a variety of auto-immune diseases as often evident as stiffness, malaise, fatigue and weakness. The yoga session conclude with ‘Om chanting’ and recitation of mantras such as ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah…’ and ‘Shanti path’ (peace prayer) seeking health, peace and harmony.

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