Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan realized it’s both wings flying when through a spiritual arrangement; the congregation was served with health services as well. Sangaria, a small town in Rajasthan witnessed the elation of the attendees when they not only were bestowed with the solutions for their spiritual upliftment but with health bytes too.

During the arrangement of 5 days ‘Krishan Katha’ Sangria branch organized five days Ayurvedic Health checkup Camp catering the people within its vicinity. More than 150 people from all walks of life and age participated and reaped benefits in the form of diagnosis, consultation and ayurvedic medicines. Eminent Ayurvedic doctors provided free consultancy and checkup to patients. Researched Ayurvedic medicines manufactured by SAM Ayurveda Pharmacy were provided to patients at concessional price.

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