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Check out the Post-Program Highlights of the 69th edition of the spiritually enriching series of Post-COVID DJJS weekly satsangs.

#DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 69th Edition | Devotees: My Crown Jewel

Streamed from Divyadham Ashram, Delhi, the program was a blissful package, invoking devotion. An eye-opening discourse shedding light on the benevolence of Divya Guru, who bestows a seeker with the supreme science of Brahmgyan, the ultimate tool to manifest the immense possibilities latent within an individual, was presented. Further, emphasis was laid on the sincere practice of Brahmgyan based meditation for realising the Divine Self & becoming true crown jewels of Gurudev. 

#DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 69th Edition | Devotees: My Crown Jewel

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