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As the temperature and monsoon bracket fluctuates owing to climate change, species of the earth stand threatened. The year 2018 witnessed 3 bird species going extinct and several other species being threatened to extinction by 2019.

Indeed the news of extinction is a serious concern for scientific fraternity and naturalists, however, it beholds almost no weightage for a common man struggling to organize basics for a comfortable life. But it is noteworthy that each loss, even if not evident at the outset, has a significant impact on ecological balance and overall ecosystem health. Therefore, species protection is an urgent and immediate task in front of humanity. An essential pre- requisite to address this need is educating masses about their relationship with nature and re- establishing the fading human- nature relationship of mutualism.

Bearing in mind the grave gap in an ordinary persons understanding about ecosystem dynamics and significance of species, DJJS Sanrakshan on the occasion of Earth day 2019 aligned its annual Children for Earth Campaign from 15th April – 22 April 2019 with the international theme of ‘Protecting our Species’.

Educating children is fundamental to achieve sustainable environmental management. Children, if empowered with environmental education can prove to be powerful agents of change steering society as a whole towards pro- environmental living. Upholding this innate power latent in the future custodians of earth, DJJS organized workshops, poster- making competitions, nature walks etc. to educate children about human- nature relationship. In addition, the already trained beneficiaries of the Children for Earth campaign took to streets to encourage masses in their area to conserve nature and protect species.

Here are Photo stories of the activities undertaken by various DJJS branches on the occasion of Earth Day 2019.

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