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Advocating green habits that are intrinsic to traditional Indian lifestyles and taking it to every nook and cranny, DJJS Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) center undertook Green Habits Workshop in two schools of the area, namely Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Baheri and Bharti Vidya Mandir Bilwa on January 7 and 8 respectively, under the banner of DJJS Sanrakshan ‘Ek Achi Aadat’ campaign.

#EkAchiAadat| DJJS Bareilly Expounds the Power of Individual Action; Urges Children to adopt Sustainable Lifestyles

Environment is encountering extreme climate events leaving a grim chance for human population to save it. Every year thousands of conferences, discussion, meetings take place across the globe to find solutions to this looming environmental crisis, hundreds of strategies and action plans are laid down, yet tangible results are far from seen. The key reason why best of the strategies fail to give complete results is lack of committed individual action. The need of the hour is a serious effort towards sustainable lifestyles and keen deliberation into conservation of nature. This can be materialized if everyone resolves to change their daily lifestyle habits and adopt an environmentally conscious attitude.

With the intent of mobilising this concerted individual action  DJJS Bareilly centre has undertaken an environmental awareness spree in the area furthering the concept of sustainable living through DJJS Sanrakshan #EkAchiAadat Campaign. Through these interactive ‘Green Habits Workshop’ children were apprised on the Global state of environment, followed by an intense discussion on ‘Human- nature relationship- How its changing dynamics is changing the face of the world?’ . Through a specially designed powerpoint presentation children were educated about the concept of ecological footprint and then through Sanrakshan customized ecological footprint calculator they even calculated their footprints. Further, the ascetic disciples of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji encouraged the children to use eco-friendly alternatives of products that they currently use, thereby mark their support in fighting the prolonged environmental crises. Going forward, the centre is planning to organize similar workshops with children that can form a strong foundation in building up their characters in the future.

#EkAchiAadat| DJJS Bareilly Expounds the Power of Individual Action; Urges Children to adopt Sustainable Lifestyles

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