A teachers' training workshop was conducted for the "Manthan SVK" teachers from all centres of Delhi-NCR on 12th December, 2016. Master Life skills trainer & Psychologist, Mrs. Uma Narayana, addressed the teachers on relevant topics like:  "Classroom management, understanding student behaviour and emphasis to inculcate values in students. The main objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • To generate awareness in teachers to play multiple roles of a mentor, guide, parent, friend and counsellor, as needed by the students. 
  • To include creative, innovative teaching tools to make learning more easy and enjoyable.
  • To make students learn and revise at the Centers itself as their home atmosphere may not be conducive for learning. 
  • To understand visual, auditory and kinaesthetic student personalities.

The main attractions of the workshop were as follows:

  • PPT presentation
  • Activities using chart paper to describe and understand the traits of ideal student, ideal teacher and innovative teaching methods.
  • Identifying student traits; both negative and positive, with an activity using oranges, activity on problem solving/trouble shooting using a thread that was knotted and untied which helped teachers understand the solution-based learning methodologies. 
  • Questions and Answers segment at the end of the session was taken to help teachers handle difficult and challenging issues related to their students.
  • A movie clipping "Facing the Giants" with the moral of how positive motivation and encouragement can help tap the hidden potentials of students.

During the workshop, Swami Narendranand Ji, International Coordinator and Secretary DJJS, also shared words of wisdom with the teachers and motivated them to work with full devotion and dedication towards the noble cause of upbringing the children and shaping a valuable society.

Feedback forms were filled by the teachers and based on the feedback, it has been derived that they were very exultant with the workshop and wish to participate in more such workshops to enhance, upgrade and bring quality in their teaching skills. 25 teachers from 9 centres of Delhi-NCR attended the workshop.

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