Agriculture plays a significant role in our nation’s overall socio-economic fabric and is no less challenging. The count of women working in farms has increased manifold in recent years. This rapid rise is often misinterpreted as a sign of women emancipation. A survey conducted by DJJS Meerut on 26th June 2014 with the women farmers brought in light the flip side of the coin.

Empowerment Talk with female farmers in Jahidpur

Moving forward on the path of women empowerment drive, Santulan team reached Jahidpur, a small village in Meerut district. Women working on a field were called to have a give and take on their journey from household to farming. The morale and confidence of those women was so low that they were resistant in sharing opinions with the team, evidencing deep-rooted inferiority complex, which is a result of lifelong subordination.

Empowerment Talk with female farmers in Jahidpur

An encouraging talk about their value, their rights and powers, role in society, acted as an icebreaker. Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti, when asked them what their family members do, a woman voiced that she is forced to work in farm to raise her children as her husband is an alcohol addict and does not work.

When Sadhvi Ji questioned the other women, the same scenario egressed as the general situation at almost every woman's home.

Bearing the need of the hour, when the status of women is worsening and deteriorating every day, DJJS, through its branches pan India, is making every possible effort to empower women by imparting education as well as livelihood generation skills to them.

In addition to the 2-fold empowerment process, the gender equality program - Santulan also ensures ideological empowerment for these women so that they may be able to stand for themselves at the time of need. The methodology involves awakening of their dormant consciousness and latent power of the soul through a unique approach of spirituality.

The underlying principle of Santulan states that, "Equity for women can be achieved by total transformation of existing societal pattern. Only through self awakening can women realize their self worth and men acknowledge value and respect for women".

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