India is growing dynamically in almost all the fields. Nevertheless, few issues, where India unfortunately leads, are not matters of pride. One of such social issues is female feticide, affirmed by India's appalling 2011 census with gender ratio 914 girls against 1000 boys.

Endeavour to bring the left-behind girl child forward in developing India | DJJS Pathardi

To uproot the weed of sex selective abortions, DJJS, as a part of it series of nationwide "awareness walks" under the banner of its gender equality program - Santulan, organized a sensitization rally on August 6, 2014 in Pathardi City, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

Endeavour to bring the left-behind girl child forward in developing India | DJJS Pathardi

At the outset, it began to rain heavily, but that could not trim down the courage and will of the participants. Approximately 200 women and girls from Aurangabad, Pathardi and Beed Ahmednagar joined the march to save girl child.

Beginning from Savedi pipeline road, the rally covered the outer area of Ahmednagar. The participants, holding banners and placards, wailed the social message to save girl child in the lanes of Ahmednagar. The emotions of an unborn fetuses as well as the born but about to be killed female fetuses, were written as slogans on awareness generating tools like banners, hoardings etc.

Ex. Mayor Sheela Shinde, Ex.Deputy mayor Geetanjali kale, Vice president Monika Kajle,
Ex. Leader of Panchayat Samiti Sandhya Tai Nalge, Chhaya Tai Nalge, Sarpanch (Vill-mandodali, District Beed) Shantabai bahirwal witnessed the event, as the chief guests.

DJJS is working in areas of gender equality, holistic education, environment conservation, drug abuse eradication and many more, across the nation with its vision - ‘from self awakening to global peace’. After a successful completion of Santulan Campaign in Punjab, Santulan team is now knocking the door of almost every state to re establish the value for girl child.

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