“Change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become.”  A great saying echoed in the hearts of 520 inmates during a session conducted by “Antarkranti” in the District Jail Sirsa, Haryana on April 26, 2015.

Flow of Sanctity @ District Jail, Sirsa

The session encompassed insightful discourses on topics related to social issues like drug addiction, corruption, murders, rape cases, etc. DJJS preachers focussed the attention of the gathering towards the root cause of all social issues, i.e. the wrong mind-set. The need of the hour is to get united with our real self, which marks the beginning of realizing the positive attributes within. The views shared touched the core of the inmates. The event was a great success and stirred the audience.

Flow of Sanctity @ District Jail, Sirsa

 The guests present at the event were Sh. Amit Bhadhu, Deputy Superintendent (Men Jail, Sirsa), Ms. Silakshi Bhardwaj, Deputy Superintendent (Women Jail, Sirsa) along with eminent personalities Sh. Anil Goyal (Businessman) and Sh. Surinder Chabra (Member - Lions Club). Post the event, a meeting was held and all the guests present appreciated the program organized by Antarkranti. The prison officials expressed their wish to have such an inspiration and motivational program every month at District Jail, Sirsa.

The prison officials were deeply inspired by the selfless service of DJJS and presented ‘Appreciation Letter’ to DJJS. It was a pride moment for Antarkranti to receive laurels, and in return Antarkranti team thanked prison officials for recognising their efforts.

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