Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, preacher at Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was the main speaker at the Ram Katha grounds at Una, Himachal Pradesh. Emphasizing the importance of Ram Rajya in the present era she said that the ruling territory of Lord Ram far extended beyond the physical boundaries on the land. Lord Ram ruled in the hearts of the people. He was not just a king of Ayodhya, but the Perfect Master of that era, who bestowed the divine knowledge of actual perception of God within oneself. The five days Ram Katha program from 2nd to 6th April, 2017 was a huge crowd puller as numerous devotees attended this program. People from all parts of the society gathered as the message about the direct perception of divinity within one’s inner world had reached unto every heart. The Ram Katha team of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan presented some soul stirring devotional songs and the audience was inspired by the depth of the words spoken and the overall brilliance of the music team that adorned the stage. . Sadhvi Ji explained the profoundness of Brahm Gyan which is a divine technique through which the entire world can be united as all individuals realize their source of being.

Formation of Ram Rajya is an Attainable Reality with Practice of Brahm Gyan

Outside the main area of Katha counters exhibiting the merits of the on-going social projects by DJJS attracted the attention of the audience.  Antardrishti- a project for differently abled individuals had homemade herbal soaps. Volunteers at the counter were well informed and gave details of these projects to the curious visitors. Another project Antarkranti- for inmates of prison had put up products prepared by trained inmates from jail. The main theme this project is - hate the crime not the criminal. Kamdhenu- a project on bovine conservation elaborately explained the benefits from Indian cows. A medicine prepared by cows’ urine- Gayatri Rasayan was sold at the counter and all volunteers vouched enthusiastically for it. Sanjeevika, a medicine preparation wing by DJJS had medicines and health enhancing products like aloe Vera and amla juices. Members of DJJS manning these counters were either students or working professionals who worked on honorary basis for DJJS. All the volunteers imparted selfless service towards the cause of spirituality and social welfare.  When questioned, these volunteers proudly proclaim that their service was their little bit towards the goal of attainment of world peace. Today youth expects a better world which is spiritually pure and socially noble along with being technologically advanced.

Formation of Ram Rajya is an Attainable Reality with Practice of Brahm Gyan

There were many esteemed guests present at the Ram Katha event. Audience hailed slogans on world peace and about bringing Ram Rajya- a culture of peace and harmony in the country. In the fearless story of Ram Katha, where truth and honesty triumphs over cruelty and injustice, there is lot for the present generation to learn. In this maligned world, Ram Katha teaches us to stay strong in the midst of chaos. The existence of Lord Ram also teaches us to look for a Spiritual Master who can with his divine knowledge give us a new life of righteousness.

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