'All that glitters is not gold'

'Get inspired not Influenced': resisting peer pressure, workshop held at Air Force Station, Jaisalmer | Baatcheet

Today, a child’s behavior, be it his/her likes-dislikes, mindset, actions etc., everything is very much effected by the role of media and hence majority of our children are dependent on the Entertainment Industry. Whatever children see in movies or on television has a great impact on their minds. They tend to get fascinated by whatever their icons do in movies, which can be their dressing sense, hair style, the brand of cars they drive in or it could just be any of their minor actions; because for them, anything that is shown in movies blindly proves to be the “cool” or the “trendy” and thus, they unthinkingly try imitating such things.

'Get inspired not Influenced': resisting peer pressure, workshop held at Air Force Station, Jaisalmer | Baatcheet

Similar is the case today with Drugs, as children see their favorite icons smoking and drinking in the movies and get fascinated for the same. So in their minds they glamorize and fantasize the assumed ecstasy due to lack of sufficient knowledge about their after effects. As a result, they end up experimenting with gateway drugs which ultimately drag them to the Dark world of Addiction.

Realizing the same, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan therefore considers this issue as its responsibility to deal with by engaging with the flip side of the coin, i.e. the hidden darker angle of drugs which is otherwise not portrayed by media and other political and advertising agencies  so that children can as well observe all the aspects associated with it and can clearly understand how everything which is shown on television should not be imitated as even things that seem glamourous may not be so in reality.

Thus, under the ongoing project “Baatcheet”, Jodhpur center of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a one-day “Say No” Workshop at Kendriye Vidhyalay (Air Force Station) in Jaisalmer with around 900 students and also sensitized them about what actually triggers them at the most towards drugs, how drugs affect their bodies, what kind of “high” feeling they experience due to drugs and ultimately what are the after effects of taking Drugs.

In this way, the students and the management well understood the concept of the workshop and determined to Say No to drugs whenever they encounter them.

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