The journey of girl child's birth from 'auspicious to curse' has been very swift and stupefied. Paying heed to this grave problem and making an addition to its beneficiaries, DJJS Santulan reached Chhatarpur with its gender equality mandate to spread social message to save girl child. An awareness walk against female feticide with participants' count of 90 ladies and 25 girls was organized on August 17, 2014 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

GIRL CHILD IS NO CURSE propagated Santulan in Chhatarpur, M.P.

At the outset, the attendees gathered to discuss the issue and sensitizing strategy in detail. The panel members delivered a brief discourse on decline in female literacy due to women being considered as kitchen confined housewives.  

GIRL CHILD IS NO CURSE propagated Santulan in Chhatarpur, M.P.

The present scenario, where the girl child is mercilessly killed even before birth affecting fate of this endangered species, was displayed through a cultural performance.

Post the discussion, the participants geared up for the awareness walk. Beginning the drive from Gayatri Mandir, the rally moved through bus stand, Chhatrsal chowk and Nagarpalika, Chhatarpur. The volunteers wailed the slogans while walking on the streets to alter the title of girl child from curse to blessing.

Organization's efforts were recognized and appreciated by media and the message reached masses through print form of media. Testimonies of participants about their observations on rally were recorded.

Concluding with diseased mindsets being the reason behind ingrained gender discrimination, DJJS is working ceaselessly under the banner of Santulan-the gender equality program on this sole yet encroaching reason across India through its psycho-spiritual tools and reaping pleasant results.

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