Under the ongoing Village Improvement Project (VIP) initiated by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan in association with Women’s Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF), in Bihar, the second poorest state of India, a new village has been adopted to complement the number of women beneficiaries in the state. 51 women have been enrolled this year, i.e. October 2015, from Village Padampur, Saharsa, Bihar under the project which figures the total number of beneficiaries to 551. These villagers are working hard to meet their basic necessities of survival and just can’t dream of fruits to be added in their daily meal. With this project started last year, fruits and vegetables have become their regular meals and the money earlier being spent on purchasing vegetables are now spared and saved by the women.

Guava and Mango saplings distribution in village 17th October, 2015

As part of the activity, 153 saplings of Guava and Mango (Amrapali and Malika breed) were distributed among 51 women of village Padampur on 17th Oct, 2015.

Guava and Mango saplings distribution in village 17th October, 2015

An eminent home scientist Dr. Suneeta Paswan led the distribution activity along with her team members from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Agwanpur, Saharsa, Bihar. The saplings given were contributed by Nandan Bharti Agriculture College, Agwanpur.  Dr Suneeta addressed the villagers and discussed in length on the scientific and advanced techniques of soil preparation, cultivation, protection and taking thorough care of plants from weeds and pests by natural and organic means. 5 kg of vermicompost prepared in the nursery of DJJS Ashram in Bihar by the village improvement team was  also distributed along with the saplings to enhance the growth of plants.

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