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Streamed from Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab, DJJS presented an intriguing program, elaborating on the attributes of Divya Guru [Perfect Spiritual Master] that make Him the Embodiment of God.

Guru- The Embodiment of God | #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 81st Edition

The enlightening discourse discussed the three main roles of Guru in the life of disciples as that of GENERATOR [providing them with a new life through the introduction of Brahmgyan], OPERATOR [nurturing them by acting as a divine mother], and DESTROYER [destroying all their vices]. This is what equates Him with GOD. Various anecdotes from the lives of disciples of ancient times kept the virtual audience absolutely absorbed as well as lifted their spirits on the path of devotion.

Guru- The Embodiment of God | #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 81st Edition

Check out the Post-Program Photo Highlights of the 81st edition of Post-COVID DJJS weekly webcasts.

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