A two-day health check-up camp was held in Dwarka Manthan SVK centre on 17th and 20th April, 2016. Lending the volunteer service to the noble cause, were Dr N.C Pal and Dr. Punia who examined the students and suggested measures to those suffering with health problems.

Health Camp for Students at Manthan SVK, Dwarka

On the 17th April, a height, weight and an eye check up was conducted for 60 students by Dr. N.C Pal .On the 20th April, a general health check was carried out on 65 students by Dr. Punia. Among those examined one was found to have high chances of a heart related ailment and one for stomach infection.

Health Camp for Students at Manthan SVK, Dwarka

Health and hygiene tips were given to all students so as to improve their health and immunity.

Overall, the whole exercise was proved to be fruitful and successful as an endeavour by Manthan’s holistic education programme for the under privileged children.

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