Health camp was organized for over 75 students of Manthan SVK, Sekhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab on 12th September, 2016, for the improvement of health standards of students. Dr. Geeta Moudgill and Dr. Parminder Moudgill examined students and recommended medicines accordingly.

Health Camp @ Manthan SVK, Village Sekhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab

Sadhvi Veeresha Bharti, center coordinator addressed the students on maintaining general and personal health & hygiene in the house and in the surroundings. She emphasized on the side effects of Junk food and the importance of having a balanced healthy diet. The children were accompanied with their parents. Many of these students cannot afford a medical check-up and advantages in life. Parents of the kids were exceptionally happy and thankful with the efforts of Manthan SVK and promised to follow the tips provided.

Health Camp @ Manthan SVK, Village Sekhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab

Manthan SVK centers' keeps a health record of each and every student to distinguish the difference of health Caliber. Due to indigent economic conditions and lack of health awareness, parents' were staggered by ailments in their children. Parents gave a splendid feedback for Manthan's work and their efforts to improve health standards for the students.

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