People generally consider fitness as their last priority, but it's never too early or never too late, to work towards being the healthiest you.

Health is wealth- free health check-up camps for Manthan students

To spread awareness and persuade people to take care of their health, Manthan SVK conducted free health check-up camps during the months of October and November 2017. It covered centres in four states including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Bihar. The health camps laid stress on optical, dental and general check-up. Many doctors specialised in different fields put their foot forward to help the needy ones know about their health and lifestyle.  Dr.N.K Pal( optician) analysed eyesight of Manthanites and their parents. He also provided complimentary spectacles to the ones with low eyesight. Moreover, dentists Dr. Aparna, Dr. Anubhav and Dr R.K. Pal examined the dental and oral health of patients of all ages and gave prescriptions accordingly.  Apart from this, Dr Rajendra Yadav and Dr. Shaligram Singh ( General Physicians)  undertook full body check-ups of the students. They gave suggestions on how to maintain a decent nutritional level, how to overcome protein and calcium deficiencies and how to prevent certain illnesses.

Health is wealth- free health check-up camps for Manthan students

Sharing their experience with us, doctors told that they were pleased in catering the health issues of rural and urban slum people. Also,  they appreciated the fact that Manthan SVK help them in reaching out to such underprivileged section who have dearth of resources. Furthermore, students as well as their parents told that they considered these health check-ups of immense help as they hardly get any opportunity to know about their fitness level.

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