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Streamed from Divyadham Ashram, Delhi, DJJS presented a spiritually-enriched program, inculcating in the disciples, the value of staunch faith towards the Divya Guru [Perfect Spiritual Master] whatever the circumstances may be.

Hits Outside But Supports Inside | #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 79th Edition

A motivational spiritual discourse emphasizing the vital role of hardships in the lives of disciples was presented. The said webcast session delineated beautifully that, for spiritual upliftment, a Divya Guru not only puts His disciples in challenging situations, but also provides them courage & support from within, to sail through such difficulties. However, this becomes possible only when the disciples completely surrender themselves to Him.

Hits Outside But Supports Inside | #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 79th Edition

Check out the Post-Program Photo Highlights of the 79th edition of Post-COVID DJJS weekly webcasts.

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