Only those people strive forward in life who have the courage to remain calm and positive even in the darkest and hopeless situations.

How to become more positive- Life Skill Session at Shakurpur Manthan-SVK

To imbibe these qualities in the students of Manthan-SVK , a LIFE SKILL session was organised in the Shakurpur centre on 19th March 2018 in the afternoon for two hours .  The purpose of the workshop was to inculcate attributes like being optimistic, controlling negative thoughts in mind and looking at the positive aspect in worst circumstances,so that the students could become calm and composed humans and could emerge as future leaders.

How to become more positive- Life Skill Session at Shakurpur Manthan-SVK

In order to make students understand the power of positivity, numerous slides depicting different situations were shown. Students were then asked to interpret the case study and extract optimistic ideas from it. This provided them real life experience of how to look for positivity in the difficult conditions. After that there was a balloon bursting activity with an idea of eliminating all the negative vibes from the mind. To control the budding of dismissive feelings, there is a need to have a healthy friendship with one’s mind. This was taught to students through an effective short clip containing methods to ensure control over mind and how to avoid negativity overshadowing positivity. Then, teachers explained the benefits of becoming a sanguine in life. Positive thinking aids in stress management, leads to better decision making, helps in maintaining broader perspective, instil emotions such as gratitude, appreciation and hence ensures overall well-being of the person.

Towards the end, there was a question answer round to make the session more interactive and engaging. In all, the workshop was lively and thought provoking. Moreover, oranges that are a symbol of encouragement, success, joy and creativity were distributed amongst the Manthanites.

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