Bengaluru: As a part of the month long countrywide campaign, SWABHIMAN , on the occasion of International Women’s Day, SANTULAN - the gender equality program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan conducted an awareness drive raising the issue of crime against women at the Elements Mall in Thanisandra, Bangalore, Karnataka.

I Pledge to intervene if I see a woman being harassed | An Awareness Drive at Elements Mall Bengaluru

The event showcased what a girl has to face right from a very young age by a skit performance on the theme - A lonely woman is not an opportunity, but a responsibility.  Selfless volunteers of DJJS, alongwith vivifying the audiences with their play, also presented a dance performance which left audiences mesmerized. Dance performance unveiled the fact that woman are not weak, within them is the power to obliterate the evil. Magnetized by the performances, audiences also took a pledge - to intervene if they see any woman being harassed, through a signature campaign.

I Pledge to intervene if I see a woman being harassed | An Awareness Drive at Elements Mall Bengaluru

Towards the end of the event, volunteers of DJJS confronted people from the audiences for their views on this sensitive issue. “Any particular gender cannot be blamed for the present scenario. The rotten mindsets are the root cause and need to be revived”, said one amongst the audiences.

Mr. Anoop Karnani, M.D., Regalia Build-tech and Mr. Ambresh BK, Manager Marcom, Regalia Build-tech who were the guests of honor, also appreciated DJJS’S efforts. “Events like these should be conducted more often, so that these values get imbibed in the hearts and souls of the people”, said Mr. Karnani . “I am glad to see that a part of the youth of our nation is taking up the responsibility to wipe away the social injustice being done in our society”, said Mr. Ambresh. Concluding the event, a photo session was held of which not only the volunteers but the audiences were also a part.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a socio spiritual organization which is working for the establishment of world peace through its 9-point social reforms and welfare programs, santulan being the dedicated initiative working with a mandate of elimination of all forms of discrimination & violence against women particularly sex selective abortions. For the realization of the same, santulan holds number of awareness drives, mass sensitization campaigns, rallies, street theater conferences and workshops in communities as well as corporate sector.

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