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Importance of Brahm Gyan and Sewa Reiterated in Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Attending spiritual discourses not only gives peace and tranquility to the mind but it also destroys the evils which prevail in human body and soul. This helps in making way to good thoughts and righteous living. It is said in our scriptures that in the material world, it is easy to attain followers, physical strength and wealth, however, treading in the spiritual path is a difficult task and success in this path depends on the blessings of a perfect master. To make people aware of this path, DJJS organized the monthly spiritual congregation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 17th June, 2018. It was a much sought after program by the devotees.

Importance of Brahm Gyan and Sewa Reiterated in Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sadhvi Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, gave various illustrations of life and explained that Spirituality and the proximity of spiritually evolved personalities is a very rare blessing for which even the lords crave. Only in this garb of humans can one attain Brahm Gyan and meditate upon the divine light. There are eighty four lakh species in this universe and out of all species it is only the human species which is gifted to receive this boon. All living being, as an outcome of their deeds receive their body life after life. Human body is attained only when one performs good deeds as it is the higher form of thoughts and discretion.

In the human form, one is empowered with free will. Human beings have a discretion power to decide between right and wrong. One may choose the path of brutality and perform lower deeds and therefore deserve a lower form in the next births, while some others lead a very common life and believe in fun and making merry and spend their full life in ignorance of their true purpose. There are only a rare few who are truly blessed who receive the divine knowledge from the perfect master of the time and then the bountiful showers of spiritual discourses as well. Gurudev Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says that spiritual discourses to the human soul do the same impact as water to plants for their growth and life.

She explained that Brahm Gyan makes an individual realize the importance of sewa.  Though all acts of a person bears fruits, sewa is the way which completes the action and reaction forces, which means, sewa is a medium through which an individual is freed from the fruits of its deeds. This realization dawns only when an individual is imparted with Brahm Gyan.

In this program, there were numerous volunteers who performed their sewa by singing devotional songs, some volunteers had come from their schools and colleges to offer some of their time to sewa. Outside the main hall there were several counters where products made by DJJS volunteers were sold. This is a small effort made by the young volunteers towards the uplift of the society. Great societies are built when men and women of all age groups work together with purity of thoughts and an honest approach. This congregation by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was a vivid example of true progress of society. Everyone totally enjoyed it and will cherish it for a long time.

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