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“Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened”

India’s Got Talent visits ManthanSVK Shakurpur

Manthan- Sampoorna Vikas Kendra, a holistic education program of DJJS for the underprivileged children, working under the aegis of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, providing them integrated knowledge with the blend of moral values that helps them to grow and discover their latent potential. Manthan SVK completely exemplifies “Hunar Hi Pehchan Hai”; the famous tagline of India’s Got Talent, Reality TV Show.

India’s Got Talent visits ManthanSVK Shakurpur

To hunt that latent talent, India’s Got Talent team, Mr. Vinayak and Mr. Anmol, visited ManthanSVK Shakurpur, on 19th Oct’18. Manthanites participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talent. Abhishek sang a song and both the members were mesmerized by his melodious voice. Narender and Abhishek, 9th class students, enacted a mind- boggling act. Student of the Year (SOTY) winners, Sonu and Bunty orated about their experience at SOTY and briefed the team on few topics like Water Conservation- by Bunty and Indian Culture- by Sonu.

Manthanites Nandini and Neelam shared their feelings about Manthan and explained how Manthan helped in their overall development. Aakash sketched a magnificent painting which left the team awestruck; he also shared his life experience. Sonu and Jairam performed breath-taking Yoga Asanas. Warm-up exercises like Push ups were performed by Sonu, Jairam and Rinku (3rd Class), team members also participated with the students with great fervour and appreciated their skills and talent.

Teacher Volunteers also briefed them about working of ManthanSVK, DJJS and how it is changing lives of several underprivileged children. Team members were impressed by the discipline and by the creative work of the Manthanites. At the end they distributed a perk and a fruit juice to each student. Manthanites expressed their gratitude to the team members by giving them a token of thank you.

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