Rapidly growing with the objective of “Reformation and Rehabilitation of Prisoners”, Antarkranti conducted a spiritual discourse with new addressees in the Central Jail of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on April 16th, 2015. Around 800 male inmates attended the remarkable session which lasted for to two hours.

Inmates strive to attain eternal knowledge

The DJJS preachers Sadhvi Manisha Bharti and Sadhvi Veerbhadra Bharti addressed the session, which began with soulful bhajans. The attendees could be seen engrossed in the devotional songs and intoned few harmonious renditions themselves. The preachers then took over to share their views, knowledge and experiences. The real meaning of life and the path to reach the ultimate goal of life, by following the footsteps of a Perfect Master was encapsulated in the session.

Inmates strive to attain eternal knowledge

The inmates were enthralled by the inspiring session and later had an interactive conversation with the preachers, in which they also shared their own experiences and issues. Many of the inmates came forward to register their names for getting initiated with the eternal knowledge, BrahmGyan, which is the science of all sciences.

The session came to an end with the cooperation and complete support of the jail authorities. Sh. Dinesh Nagre - Superintendent of Jail, Gwalior provided full assistance in conducting the program smoothly.

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