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Turkey: Women have the immense potential to transform the world; there is nothing they can’t achieve. To share perspective on the said concern, International Science & Art Research Center (ISARC), Turkey conducted an International Women Studies Congress on account of International Women’s Day on 8th & 9th March, 2021. With view to make it feasible for everyone to attend the event amid Covid pandemic, the congress was held through video conferencing mode; wherein over 100 erudite scholars and gender experts from 15 countries of the world including Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Beirut, Georgia, Ethiopia, India, Kazakistan, KKTC, Moldova, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania and Saudi Arabia participated.

International Science & Art Research Center (ISARC), Turkey Publishes Santulans Perspective Paper Titled Women in History And Mythology

It is the matter of pride that Santulan – the gender equality & women empowerment initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) was also  invited to attend the congress as the speaker in its evening session held on 8th March, 2021 at 4:30 pm Turkey Time (TRT). Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji, disciple of Divya Guru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji & Global Coordinator of Santulan participated in the congress on behalf of DJJS Santulan along with other eminent personalities viz, Ms. Sevil Valiveya, educator from Azerbaijan, Prof Dr. Aycin Oner, educator from Turkey, Ms. Adila Majeed, Research Scholar from India and many more; who conferred their views on women empowerment sequentially.     

International Science & Art Research Center (ISARC), Turkey Publishes Santulans Perspective Paper Titled Women in History And Mythology

Sadhvi Ji shared her valuable stance on the topic ‘Women in History and Mythology’. Sadhvi Ji, by means of presentation quoted the case studies of spiritually awakened women in History & Indian Classic Literature who were the paragons of women empowerment including Brahmvadini Gargi, Saint Meera Bai, Saint Toral and Sister Nivedita.

By shedding light on how heroically these women have broken the age-old gender stereotypes & glass ceiling in their times, Sadhvi Ji said that they all were Vedic women. The term Vedic means to have the perception of the Atman within i.e. a state of awakened consciousness; it cannot be restricted to a particular time! Even after the so-called Vedic era, women who have been awakened at the level of consciousness are Vedic only. And this is not just in name but in value too. This absolute empowerment is possible even today in the 21st century. She also mentioned that the organization DJJS has come up with an adage for these spiritually awakened women of contemporary times, it is – 21st Century Vedic Women!

The enlightening talk created an empowering aura and left the audience spell bound. Towards the end was a thank you note delivered by the ISARC team. After the congress, an honoring e-certificate was also sent by ISARC to Sadhvi Ji. On 1st April, 2021, the complete content presented by Sadhvi Ji in the congress was published in the International journal with a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) - 978-625-7636-21-6; which can be accessed by anyone.    

Here are some snapshots of the event and the research paper published in the Journal. To read the complete paper, check out page 255 (PDF page no.) and onwards at link –

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