Fostering the feeling of togetherness, SAM once again shone among Chartered Accountants at the National CA Convention Day, organized by the Northern India Chartered Accountants Students' Association (NICASA) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi on July 21, 2015.

Journey goes on: Another SAM for Chartered Accountants at Talkatora Stadium

It is noteworthy that SAM also left its mark on the celebration of the 66th Chartered Accountant Day, organized by the Northern India Regional Council (NIRC) of ICAI at the same venue on June 30, 2015. Continuing with the cause of Youth Empowerment, SAM performances stood out and enriched the entire ambiance. 

Journey goes on: Another SAM for Chartered Accountants at Talkatora Stadium

Shraey Khanna and his dance troupe 'Invincible' put up brilliantly synchronized dance moves which left the young audience in awe. He did not end there and continued with sharing his experience of getting associated with SAM and volunteering for its cause selflessly.

Thereafter, a high on energy pledge session was held wherein SAM volunteers holding fire-lights stepped up in unison and took an oath to serve the society and to play an instrumental role in the country's economic development. The young audience in the jam-packed stadium also stood up and took the pledge, making it an unparalleled scene of united commitment, dedication and zeal.  

This was followed by the grand finale performance of Eternal Splendour volunteers who exhibited high energy and enthusiasm through their performance. Well-choreographed sequences and superb expressions made it an ultimate presentation to earn accolades.

Some of the esteemed members from various segments of the CA Fraternity shared their praiseworthy words for SAM. CA Raj Chawla, Chairman, NRIC of ICAI, said, "SAM has once again nourished this event. They have set a unique combination of entertainment plus learning that motivates youngsters towards the building of a constructive society."

Another testimony came from CA Yogita Anand, Treasurer, NRIC of ICAI, who expressed, "Many organizations are engaged in social welfare activities but SAM is the one working for the empowerment of the future of this nation, its youth. They definitely need guidance as they tend to lose their focus to certain undesired areas and hence, end up ruining their life. SAM supports this cause and has designed a creative workshop format to tackle youth related issues."

Last but not the least, CA Deepak Garg, Chairman, NICASA, who told last time about a potential collaboration again with SAM, also expressed, "Their presentations have once again won our hearts. I admire their spirit and passion for being selflessly devoted to an important cause for the youth of this country. I suggest SAM is must for each and every youngster as it covers all facets of the life of youth."

With such efforts on the go, SAM will definitely prove itself a medium of change."

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