Under the sun, seeing the undaunted enthusiasm of the students was a visual treat to the passersby and walkers at Ram Manohar Lohia Park, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi. "Keep your Strings in your hands” is a unique concept developed by the drug abuse eradication program BODH of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan(DJJS). It focuses on the easy and early affinity of children towards everything around, though alluring but dangerous in disguise. According to our studies and observations in the field of drug abuse amongst teenagers and children, the factor of peer pressure has been found out to be most prominent reason of them to be dragged into the zone of experimentation and eventually to addiction.

'KEEP YOUR STRINGS IN YOUR HANDS':  'KATPUTLI' making activity organised to combat peer pressure at Rajendra Nagar by Karkardooma branch, DJJS

Therefore, seeing the rapid increase in the no. of cases of students experimenting with such easily available but lethal products, we have organized an activity ‘Keep your Strings in your hands' with children and youth so as to strengthen and aware them that whatever they see around is not meant to be followed.  We human beings are not mere puppets, whose strings are in somebody's hands. Suppose, wherever a person goes and whatever he/she does need not to be followed by another all the time. Therefore in times of necessity and for clarity, we must keep our strings of preferences in our own hands, not always letting them to be in the hands of someone else. In order for establishing their focus and also for keeping the message intact in their being forever, we offered them to make katputli representing their own existences and thereby asking them to hold the strings of the puppets, which depicts the very aim and message, i.e. ‘Keep your Strings in your hands’.

'KEEP YOUR STRINGS IN YOUR HANDS':  'KATPUTLI' making activity organised to combat peer pressure at Rajendra Nagar by Karkardooma branch, DJJS

Along with it, an educative play was also enacted upon by Bodh volunteers in order for disseminating the various phases of life where opting for drugs like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, hukaah, inhalers may seem to be the only way to get relieved temporarily but in the longer run, how these activities of so called stress relievers become the exclusive cause of stress in one's life. The program was well appreciated and received by the thousands of the people around and the president of the RWA’s of the Janak Puri, Mr. Ganga Sharan Paul also requested the organization to organize such activities in the future course of time in other parts of janakpuri.

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