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Lord Krishna is the embodiment of love and divine joy that destroys all pain and sin. Krishna is an instigator of all forms of knowledge and born to establish the religion of love. Lord Krishna describes Karma(action), Jnana (Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion) as the three-fold way to attain Lord and please him. This is sure shot way to achieve happiness and Moksha. Being knowledgeable will help perform the right Karma and not worry about the fruit of the action. Devotion to God helps introspect and help to move away from the worldly desires. The three paths lead to removal of illusion or maya. His life was a perfect example of how to remain steadfast amidst worldly fire.

Krishna Katha Laid the Path of Eternal Love and Happiness at Mandi Dabwali, Haryana

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) conducted a five-day program of Krishna Katha from 18th to 22ndDecember 2018 at Mandi Dabwali, Haryana. The program began with the prayer at the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna followed by melodious devotional songs by the trained musician disciples of DJJS won the hearts of the mammoth gathering. The spiritual orator of the day and disciple of revered Gurudev, Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji addressed the audience by elucidating divine plays of Lord Krishna. She talked about many divine plays of the Lord and explained that the Supreme Lord resides within the hearts of all living entities, as the overseer and sometimes appears externally as the spiritual master, who teaches by example. Lord Krishna decimated the philosophies of world by shunning materialism and provided a platform to comprehend spiritualism. The Lord gave us the savior of every problem in the form of powerful scripture ‘Bhagvad Geeta’

Krishna Katha Laid the Path of Eternal Love and Happiness at Mandi Dabwali, Haryana

Thus, highlighting the importance of Brahm Gyan which is the technique through which a spiritual seeker's Third (inner) Eye is opened by an awakened Spiritual Master (Guru), Sadhvi Ji explained the profoundness of Brahm Gyan. She said that it is a divine technique through which the entire world can be united as all individuals realize their source of being. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the perfect master of the time, is imparting the technique today to one and all.

The amalgamation of significant anecdotes and divine music mesmerized the audience. The devotee musicians held the attention of the audience through their divine music. The number of listeners increased with each passing day, thereby making the program a huge success.

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