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DJJS organised a five day Shri Krishna Katha in Kamla Nehru Jain Girl Sen.Sec.School, Near Baba Farid, Faridkot, Punjab from 11th to 15th Feb, 2020. Devotees in large numbers assembled at the venue to taste the divine nectar of Shri Krishna Katha. Many dignitaries also marked their presence.

Krishna Katha Urged Masses to Realize Real Knowledge within at Faridkot, Punjab

In all Indian spiritual text, if we were to name a character that we can love like a child, adore like an adult and devote like a saint, it’s Lord Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna was inexplicably attractive and enthralling.  His story is a source of joy and inspiration for people from all walks of life. The one who gave life-changing lessons even through trivial pranks in his childhood, the one who changed the fate of the Kurukshetra, the one who was the Director of “The Mahabharata” Oh! Words are never enough to describe such a multi-dimensional Lord, this BHARAT ever experienced.

Krishna Katha Urged Masses to Realize Real Knowledge within at Faridkot, Punjab

Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji, orator of the event, stated that Krishna was a man of action. He was a history-maker and challenged wrong doings from all ends. He stood for justice and righteousness. His policy was to defend the oppressed from the oppressor. He was a divine soul and a world-teacher. Lord Sri Krishna shows all His devotees how to balance materialism and spirituality. He ruled the country, advised as minister and gave the highest form of knowledge to Arjuna and Uddhava. His life was a perfect example of how to remain focused amidst the worldly fire.

Further, stating the purpose and message of katha, the orator explained, “The soul is the particle of divinity, immortal, conscious, untainted by maya (illusion), and blissful in nature. To acquire the knowledge of the Soul, the knowledge of the spirit, we need to reach out to a Spiritual Master. Through Brahm Gyan, he makes us realize that we are not this body, mind, or the intellect; instead, we are the Soul, the divine particle, sprouted from the bosom of the Lord Himself. That is the moment when we are integrated with the Self when we experience eternal bliss and what is true liberation.

She delivered the message of Brahm Gyan “The Science of Eternal Knowledge” within the masses as the means of being one with the Lord. She explained the importance of Brahm Gyan in our life.

The perfect combination of Katha and music held the audience spellbound. The number of audience increased with each passing day. The Katha ended with a Hawan witnessing a large crowd. The program served the purpose of transmitting the message of Brahm Gyan and helped people realize real Knowledge within.

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