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The present era of modernization and race to be digitally connected has brought in a lot of lifestyle issues. It includes myriad life issues related to personal and emotional health, managing family life, time management, anger and stress management, balancing personal and professional life etc. To empower individuals to cater to such personal and professional afflictions, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan keeps on organizing Life Management lecture series in corporate enterprises, government organizations, schools, management and engineering institutions and universities across the county and abroad. By the profuse grace and encouragement of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a thought stimulating lecture was administered by DJJS representative Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti Ji on 15th February 2019 at GD Goenka Public School, Kapurthala, Punjab. The theme of the lecture ‘Life Management’ was deliberated with multifarious metaphysical archetypes, prototypes and logical illustrations. The lecture witnessed the participation of the management, faculty and staff of the GD Goenka School.

Lecture on Life Management Unfolded the Secrets of a Blissful Life at GD Goenka School, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji asserted that practicing mindfulness is the best penchant one should nurture in order to articulate work-life harmony. The proclivity of life should be attaining the inner peace. To attain everlasting joy one needs to mould one’s intellect from a negative mindset to a positive one. Self-actualization engenders the inner transformation of a human being which acts as a catalyst in bringing the positive changes in the external environment, be it in workplace or family.

Lecture on Life Management Unfolded the Secrets of a Blissful Life at GD Goenka School, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji proclaimed that one can get acquainted with the world of inner science only by the rightful technique of Meditation learned through the eternal science of self-realization. A meditative mind does not defer the positive actions and remains unaffected by the presence of the surrounding distractions. Meditation augments the performance by focusing on the positive energy within and around.

In order to accelerate in all the spheres of our lives we need the expertise of a life coach or Eternal Master with whom one can have a soul to soul or mind to mind connect. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a divine mentor who endeavors to bring about the inner revolution in the lives of the masses at the conscious level through the instrument of Brahm Gyan (Eternal Science). When people are cognizant from within they enshrine the real joy of freedom and bliss and discharge their personal and professional obligations more diligently and confidently.

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