Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) has been in the service of mankind both socially and spiritually for many years now under the aegis and blessings of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Through its different Kathas, Bhajan, Lectures, Street Plays etc., DJJS aspires to spread the message of Brahm Gyan (technique to realize the GOD within) amongst people. This time, DJJS conducted a five day ‘Ganesh Katha’ at Shri Ganesh Mandir, Mall Road, Kapurthala, Punjab from Sept 22 to 26 (7 PM – 10 PM). It was a unique Katha par excellence. The chief guests were Sarabjit Singh Makkar (Chairman District. Planning Commission), Gurjit Singh Rana (M.L.A Kapurthala), Amritpal Kaur President Nagar counselor, Hardyal Singh Jheeta (Sub President Nagar counselor Kapurthala) , Naresh Pandit (President Bajrang Dal Punjab) , Rakesh Chopra President Gaushala, Kapurthala, Parshotam Passi (Distt. President B.J.P).  

Lord Ganesh Katha enlightened the people of Kapurthala, Punjab

The Orator of the Katha was Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji who is the disciple preacher of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The orator beautifully explained the history and logic of celebrating the same about which most of the people are ignorant in today’s world. In Indian culture and tradition, Lord Ganesha has always been given prime importance and worshipped at the beginning of any auspicious occasion.

Lord Ganesh Katha enlightened the people of Kapurthala, Punjab

One of the leaders of freedom movement, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak added a different dimension to the worship of Lord Ganesha which used to be celebrated at individual homes till then. He inspired and called upon people to celebrate it as a community and make it more inclusive. Lokmanya Ji instigated people to celebrate it at a community level as a larger family. The aim was twofold, one to eradicate the cast system and discrimination prevalent in the society and unite all the Indians as ONE. The other was to make this event act as a catalyst to cultural and social movements along with the spiritual upliftment. Then, the country will be independent and people can think, discuss and take decisions together without any fear and discrimination.

The Ganesha festival proved to be just the right medium for awakening and inspiring people. Sadhvi Ji explained that Ganesha is not only Lord Ganesha and son of Lord Shiva as per Hindu scriptures but Ganesha is made of basic word “Gana” which means “Good and pious deeds’. HE is a metaphor of good deeds and positive energy. So whatever is beneficial, positive and enlightening in the society, that is ‘Ganesha’. We can also describe it as a synonym of ‘Lord’.

Though Lord Ganesha, in his physical form, is outside the realm of pure human form or pure animal form but he possesses great spiritual powers. His elephant like face gives us the message that one should be prudent rather than depending on just physical or intellectual strengths but the main questions is how to be prudent all the time in hustle and bustle of life? This prudence is inculcated when a human being goes under the patronage of a perfect spiritual master who graces him with Brahm Gyan, a direct realization of GOD. Large ears of Lord Ganesha also personify the listening power which should be prudent in understanding what to take in and what to take out. Rather than listening and taking in what all is said and shown, one should only take in facts and knowledge guided by Brahm Gyan. Similarly HE is also called ‘Lambodar’ which literally means ‘one with the large belly’. The large belly of a normal human being indicates lot of unused fat stored in the body while large belly of Ganesha indicates lots of good deeds, virtues and recipe of Good Karmas. HE inspires us to attain those good deeds and virtues so that the life is worth living and be proud of.

 Above all, HE is also called ‘Vighnharta’ or ‘Vighnvinayak’ which means embodiment to eradicate all ‘Vighn’ or ‘troubles’ which is possible only when one targets ‘Brahm Gyan’ as the ultimate goal, a purpose to live and die for. Only then, Ganesha bears the trouble of his disciples and free them from the bondage of life and death.

There are many heart-rending tales of Ganesha in our scriptures which enchant people of all the ages.”Vakratund” incarnation to kill ‘Matsarasur’ daemon and ’Ekdant’ incarnation which rides on a mouse to kill the daemon ‘Madasur’ are a few out of them. All these tales are indicative and meant to explain the deep meanings of life. These daemons are nowhere outside but still lingering on in our inner self in the form of greed, anger, lust, power, desires etc. These daemons are hindrances in our path of upliftment to higher self. The only remedy of getting rid of these daemons is ‘Brahm Gyan’. The message was loud and clear. The audience was highly appreciative after being laden with knowledge of Brahm Astra – Brahm Gyan

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