Maharashtra. DJJS network of branches in Maharashtra, under the Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan, observed World Water Day 2015 for a week propagating its recent initiative “Save every drop of life”.

Maharashtra sensitized to SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE on World Water Day 2015

On 21st March, DJJS branch based in Amravati organized an awareness rally, with its volunteers marching through the city, holding placards and blue buckets creating awareness among people about the state of water worldwide and in the city itself that experienced severe droughts in the recent past. The volunteers through their slogans encouraged the viewers to practice conservation to save this precious resource. 

Maharashtra sensitized to SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE on World Water Day 2015

The next day, branch organized an exhibition at Sainagar, Amravati where people were individually sensitized on water management. About 500 people visited the exhibition. The critical nature of the issue surprised many who were lived in ignorance about the limited nature of the water resource. Some put forward their queries concerning the issue and asked about projects organization is currently working on. DJJS, through this exhibition, motivated people to introspect and take their environmental responsibility being an integral part of this planet.

Depleting groundwater levels and subsequent water scarcity in the state demands pro- active individual engagement in water conservation practices, bearing this in mind, Sanrakshan dedicated World Water Day 2015 to mobilize individual action on the issue. Furthering the same, an awareness rally was   organized in Latur on 27th March. The idea was to bring the issue into the notice of people at grassroot level, involve them in making Maharashtra a drought free state and realizing the 'Scarcity-free Maharashtra, 2019', as proposed by the state government. This can help people to have more access to drinking water and overcome crises the state is facing at present.

DJJS branch based in Nagpur undertook awareness generation through special water awareness counters at Shukarwari Talab and Hanuman Ganesh Mandir, Nagpur on 21st and 22nd March respectively. Through interactive posters and a special rangoli on saving water, masses were motivated to adopt pro- environmental living.

In addition, DJJS Pathardi and Chakan branches undertook special awareness session through regular spiritual platforms. The sessions culminated in locals pledging to conserve the available water resource.

DJJS, under the guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, a true nature conservationist, has been actively working across the country towards re-building human nature relationship through various sensitization programs under the banner of Sanrakshan, its nature conservation program.

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