The era of scientific and technological empowerment has produced Managers, engineers, doctors, IT professionals all running the machinery of modern society. But current times call for yet another empowerment to sustain the growth and development we have done so far, this is none other than an Environmental empowerment which seeks inclusion of environmental agenda as a priority in each and every sector.

Managers in- making from Acharya College of Management & Science (AIMS), Benguluru, steered on the Path of Sustainability

Pursuing this very aim, DJJS Sanrakshan has been rigorously working across the length and breadth of the country with various sectors to educate them regarding the looming environmental crisis and enable them to customize sector- based pro- environmental strategies. Furthering the same, DJJS Benguluru organised a ‘Greening Living Workshop’ for the Management students of Acharya College of Management & Science (AIMS), Benguluru on 10 Sept 2016.

Managers in- making from Acharya College of Management & Science (AIMS), Benguluru, steered on the Path of Sustainability

Prof. Dr.  Brahmkumar  Sharma, Director, Sustainability, AIM opened the session with a formal welcome address.  This was followed by an energizing and informative Environmental quiz by DJJS volunteers. “Environment is one of the most talked about issue these days, but during the course of our work we have found that 70% of people don’t understand the real meaning of the environment, we believe that this is the biggest reason for lack of pro- environmental behaviour on individual level”, informed one DJJS Sanrakshan volunteers.

Next, the workshop hall was transformed into a quick courtroom where the case high on priority was Mother Earth vs. Human Beings. Gripped by this unique play, the audience hailed for the victory of Mother Earth and in process were able to understand how their negligent action and indifferent attitude towards nature is worsening the problem.

Taking the audience towards solutions, Sadhvi Nishanka Bharti, ascetic disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji gave an enlightening talk on ‘Green Living the 21st century living’. . She said that we must change our attitude towards nature, take responsibility and lead a mindful lifestyle for a greener living. A mindful lifestyle can be led by attuning to our inner selves through Eternal science of Self Realization- Brahmgyan. Through Sanrakshan ‘12 act wise ways to Save Mother Earth’ handout , she motivated the audience to act pro- environmentally before it’s too late.

To give hands on experience to pro- environmental solutions, finally, DJJS volunteers taught the students how a simple paper bag can be made to replace plastic trash bags and keep other light stuff.  The workshop ended in students and staff vowing to shift from environmental ignorant living towards pro- environmental living.

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