With the Village Improvement Project running in full swing in four flood-affected villages of Bihar, a tree plantation activity was organized at village Lokahi, Saharsa recently. In the first phase of this project, 200 Mango saplings were distributed among 85 women beneficiaries of the village to create long term sustainability for them. The women were trained by our Village Improvement Project Assistant, Mr. Ajeet Kumar to plant saplings on their own.

Mango saplings distributed under Village Improvement Project

Swami Yadvedranand ji and Swami Kapildevanand ji, Preachers, DJJS, Bihar, initiated the tree plantation activity. They expressed, "Planting tree is the duty of every human being. On one hand, trees help in maintaining clean environment, while on the other, fruit, wood etc. also give economic benefits."

Mango saplings distributed under Village Improvement Project

It is worthwhile to mention that DJJS, under its Rural Development initiative, partnered with Women’s Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF), Canada, to undertake the Village Improvement Project in Bihar and make poor families self-sustainable.

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