Bharat Vikas Parishad celebrated Deepawali Milan Mahotsav at GIA House (Auditorium), Gurugram on 22nd Oct, 2016, with a strong message to celebrate crackers free festival and prevent air pollution.

Manthan kids participated in

Manthan SVK, a social initiative of Divya Jyoti jagrati Sansthan(DJJS) was invited in the event wherein Manthanites presented an insightful skit highlighting the importance of education and elimination of gender discrimination in education along with a dance performance on theme Deepawali.

Manthan kids participated in

Chief guest of the event, DGP vigilance of Haryana Mr. Sheel Madhur and Industrialist Mr. Vinod Mittal, Mr. Pawan Jindal Social Activist and Province operator, RSS, Dr. Anuj Garg, President, Youth India wing, Secretary, Mr Ratndev Garg, Ex-District Secretary, Mr. Vivekanand Tiwari along with other respected guests and the eminent audience applauded the performances of bright and talented Manthanites and appreciated the efforts of DJJS in its social endeavors. Mr. Sheel Madhur made an appeal to the audience to take up the responsibility of protecting our environment by celebrating noise free and pollution free Deepawali.

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