Filled with profound pleasure, Manthan team informs all our supporters that a new Sampoorn Vikas Kendra (SVK) has been opened at Pal colony of Rithala Gaon, New Delhi on 5th July 2014. Manthan-SVK is always engaged in spearheading its educational drive and therefore, surveyed yet another area set in proximity to a Rag Picker's community in Rithala. This centre targets the education of children of rag pickers for whom going to school is just a distant dream. Besides, many children were identified who, although, go to school, their core educational foundation is not strong.

The inaugural function was beautified with traditional vibes with prayers and chanting of Ved mantras. This centre is all set to commence its operations with this month.
Manthan-SVK is devoted to the welfare of under-privileged children whose dream of attending school becomes a reality. Their academic, intellectual, physical, and spiritual grooming is what remains the area of emphasis for Manthan-SVK.

Manthan-SVK opens at Pal Colony of Rithala Gaon, New Delhi

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