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Parents play a key role in the education of a student. They are the basis of a child’s life. They play an important role in the life of their children till a certain age. If a child receives a healthy and helpful environment at home, the potential of a child increases to an extent.  To strengthen this pivot role of parents in their child’s life, parent teacher meet are conducted. These are conducted to ensure that parents are also a part of their child’s education as well as the teachers can also receive some support from the parents. This kind of event helps the parents develops an interest in the studies of their child.  Also, they can contribute in the educational, cultural and traditional activities of the school. Apart from this, this interaction between the parents and the teachers creates a comfort level between then which ultimately acts as a support in child’s education. Realizing the importance of such an interaction, Manthan SVK also organizes such parent teacher meet on a regular basis.

Manthan-SVK organized Parent teacher meet to ensure the overall development of the students

Manthan SVK is a social initiative taken by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan which, realizing it’s responsibility towards the country has been working tirelessly for providing free education to the underprivileged children of the society. They not only work for providing education but are also working on the overall development of the children. These children belong to a social group which has never been privileged enough to receive education. This is the reason why their parents cannot even grasp the importance of education in their life. These kids do not have any kind of environment for education at their homes at all which hinders their education. To overcome this situation, Manthan SVK organized a parent teacher meet in October which was attended by multiples of parents making it a huge success. In this meeting, teachers discussed the progress of child with their parents and also mentioned some fields in which the parents can be a help to their child and also become aware of importance of education in their child’s life. Teachers also gave some pointers to the parents for creating a healthy environment for studies at home. They suggested arranging some time for self study at home, encouraging them to study, ensuring that the child is involved in some physical activities like games as well as providing a supportive environment at home for studies. Understanding the significant change education can make in the life of their child, parents also promised to help their children in any manner they can. Finally, the meet ended with prayers in lotus feet of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head and Founder of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

Manthan-SVK organized Parent teacher meet to ensure the overall development of the students

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