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Addiction is a disease whose only cure is avoiding it. Someone has very well said that “Addiction is the door to destruction”. Addiction first excites a person, later as he starts getting used to it, it starts creating negative vibes within him. As a result, the person loses his confidence, starts feeling depressed towards his life and also feels irritated all the time. This impacts his success and also hampers his daily life.

Manthan-SVK students raised awareness against drug and alcohol addiction

In this modern era, a large number of youth is addicted to alcohol and drugs. The progress of a country is based on its youth and if the youth himself is at the verge of falling into the deepest pit, there is no way a country can progress. India is called the country of the youth as it has the largest youth population. But today the youth of India has become selfish. He is disregarding all his responsibilities towards the country. Trying to redirect the youth on the correct path, Manthan-SVK organized an event at Patel Nagar centre on 10th June 2019. Students presented a skit and dance performance in the event through which they conveyed the side effects of addiction to the people present and urged them to be free of it. Through the skit, students also conveyed how the kids also get affected by the addiction of their elders. The appeal of small kids touched the people’s heart and made them emotional. They pledged to leave any kind of addiction they had and also help their surrounding people do the same.

Manthan-SVK students raised awareness against drug and alcohol addiction

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