Manthan-SVK at its’ centers celebrated National Mathematics Day on 22nd December 2016. Actually, the day is celebrated to commemorate birth anniversary of Indian mathematician Srinivasan Ramanujan, the great mathematical genius who made exemplary contribution to Mathematics.

Manthanites celebrated 'National Mathematics Day', remembering the genius Srinivasan Ramanujan

At Manthan, this day was celebrated with an objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day to day life situation and also to create students interest in studying the Mathematics.

Manthanites celebrated 'National Mathematics Day', remembering the genius Srinivasan Ramanujan

As part of the celebrations, quiz programme, role play, small-group competition on geometrical designs and talk on Mathematics were organized and conducted by Manthan teachers at Sampoorna Vikas Kendra.

In SVK - Shakurpur, 37 Students from classes’ 6th, 7th, and 8th divided into 3 teams who participated in the quiz programme which was conducted in four rounds. The programme was enjoyed by the participants and other students. In SVK – Faridabad, Small-group competition had 38 participants wherein the participating students were required to draw geometrical designs to depict their creativity and understanding of the geometrical concepts.

Many of the Math fun-activities were also played, so that children could find the subject easy. In SVK – Dwarka, few of the students acted as buyers or sellers imitating the shopkeepers and consumers, simultaneously learning simple calculations and Maths concepts in joyful way.

The students participated in the above programmes with great zeal and enthusiasm and enjoyed the programmes, where many of the winning teams got prizes.

Few Manthan - sponsors were also present at the occasion, who distributed refreshments for the day and encouraged the students to participate in such activities in future as well.

Where, Mathematics is seen by many as rather a dull and boring subject,  Manthanites with their teacher’s support could discover that it not only increases ones analytical skills but it also has immense applications in almost all the activities that we do in daily life. The students were told about the rich tradition of mathematics in India can be seen across the ages. Be it Aryabhatta or Brahmagupta, Madhava or Ramanujan.

Students at Manthan actually enjoyed and celebrated mathematics and paid homage to Srinivasan Ramanujan on this National Mathematics Day.

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