Manthanites participated in Origami workshop organised by Pearl Academy


This workshop comes new in our list, yet hit the nail on the head. On 22 January, 2016 our students were invited at Pearl Academy to learn the creative art and craft popularly known as Origami. Mrs. Shalini, an abecedary there, made them know about the making of lots of prolific stuff, of which some are:
 • butterflies
 • dragon
 • flowers with threads
 • pen stand
 • aeroplane etc.

Being in this 21st century, here we have innumerable paths to walk on as to make our career but this has become a fact that whatever career a student will opt they surely have to rise there place with their creative and exclusive mind. Manthan gives a vast platform to their children to showcase and enhance their creativity.

And yes, how can we forget to tell you about Manthanites, who were asked to make anything that he or she has learned yet in the center, and with the blink of an eye they made very beautiful, heart throbbing butterflies, swans etc. Their clever and quick minds impressed everybody who witnessed the workshop and they were all also introduced with the future stars of our world. 15 students from Manthan SVK, Mangolpuri took benefit of the workshop.

About Manthan

Manthan is a Holistic Education Program for the underprivileged and underperforming children some of whom are drop-outs or even first generation learners.

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