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Antarkranti has been constantly working to transform prisoners into peacemakers and undertaking various path breaking and innovative initiatives. Amidst the several initiatives was organised a two day Councelling and Meditation Session on 5th and 6th November for the inmates of District Jail,Yamunanagar,Haryana.

The event was presided over by the DJJS preachers Swami Abhedanand Ji, Haridasanand Ji and Subodhanand Ji and was graced by the presence of Jail SP Rattan Singh Ji and DSP Resham Singh Ji.

“Merely closing of physical eyes is not meditation.It is upon opening of the Divine Eye that the process of Meditation begins.” Such was the gospel that Swami Abhedanand Ji adhered to during the spiritual discourse session. Meditating sans a target is insufficient to imbibe the Supreme Truth.In the purest form, mediation involves the simultaneous presence of Dheya(Target), Dhyata(Observer) and Dhyaan(Meditation). Swamiji revealed that the supreme target resides between our eyes which is activated upon being initiated into Brahm Gyan by the holy hands of the Perfect Master and it is only after the opening of the third divine eye that the observer witnesses the divine light inside and realises the True Self within oneself.

Furthermore, swamiji took the opportunity and brought to life that the need of the hour is to revive the vigour, selflessness and allegiance amongst our youth that once used to be idealised in the world. Youth forms the foundation of a nation and hence it is imperative to optimally channelise their incessant flow of energy.The ultimate solution provided by Swamiji was Brahm Gyan. Meditation is the best source of positive energy. It creates a connection with the Supreme Consciousness leading to transforming the youth into vibrant ethical personalities.

As many as 250 male inmates gathered to receive the spiritual thoughts wholeheartedly that left them motivated to embrace the path of truth and self- realisation.

The program culminated on a very encouraging note with initiation of 30 inmates into Brahm Gyan(Divine Knowledge).

Mediation and Counselling Session at District Jail, Yamunanagar, Haryana unravelling the true meditation

Mediation and Counselling Session at District Jail, Yamunanagar, Haryana unravelling the true meditation

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