Center For Sight
In Bhagwat katha, Bahadurgarh, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan in collaboration with Centre For Sight, Dwarka, organised three days free eye check up camp from 17th to 19th February at Bahadurgarh, in Jajjhar district of Haryana. This Eye check-up camp provided diagnosis and medicines to 866 patients by a team of three doctors and paramedical staff . And 168 people were given free spectacles. 

Mega Health Camp in Bahadurgarh
Ayurvedic camp
In Bhagwat katha, Bahadurgarh, in Jajjhar distict of Haryana, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ayurvedic Pharmacy of DJJS organised a two day ayurvedic camp on 20th & 21st Februrary. Free consultation and ayurvedic medicines were prescribed to patients alongwith Free sugar test and B.P. test. Over 494 people were benefitted through this camp.Also, Nasha Rodhak medicine was distributed to 273 addicted patients. 
AIIMS Eye Check -Up Camp
In Bhagwat katha, Bahadurgarh, in Jajjhar distict of Haryana, Primary Eye Clinic of Divya Dham Ashram of DJJS in collabration with Community Opthalmology Department,Dr. R.P.centre for Opthalmic science, AIIMS organised a two day Eye check up camp on 22nd and 23rd February, especially targeting cataract patients.Including men,women and children, 778 patients were registered and benefiitted through this camp. Free eye examination and refraction for eye sight, free Blood Sugar Test and Blood Pressure Test, free medicines and spectacles were the facilities availed through this camp. Free spectacles were given to 411 people and 64 patients were given dates for free cataract operation at AIIMS.

Mega Health Camp in Bahadurgarh

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