Determined to walk on the path of sustainability, the Nature Conservators of My Earth My Responsibility Chandigarh Chapter performed a thought provoking street play named ‘Paryavaran Bachao’ at New Lake, Sec- 42, Chandigarh. The play very well showcased the small ignorant actions of an individual in his daily routine which have profound impact on the environment. The audience stood gapping at the performers nodding their heads acknowledging their own wrong actions.

MEMR Chandigarh Nature Conservators perform 'Paryavaran Bachao' street play at New Lake, Sec -42, Chandigarh

Sh. Hardeep Singh, Deputy Mayor, Chandigarh, also came to witness the performance. He lauded the dedication and enthusiasm of the DJJS Nature Conservators and expressed his gratitude to the Sansthan for organizing such an enlightening program reminding people of their social responsibility.  

MEMR Chandigarh Nature Conservators perform 'Paryavaran Bachao' street play at New Lake, Sec -42, Chandigarh

The play was followed by an enlightening talk by Swami Satbiranand Ji, ascetic disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head and Founder of DJJS explaining the issues highlighted in the play and as to what leads humans into becoming the prime reason of such problems. He said "It is the widening gap between humans and nature that has resulted in a state that we are witnessing today. This gap can be reduced only if humans are made aware of the fact that life is not possible on Earth in the absence of resources that nature provide us". Taking up the examples of our saints, Swami ji discussed that a spiritually awakened person is environmentally conscious too because they see god in his each and every creation. He said only spiritual revolution can bring environmental revolution that will shape pro- environmental mindsets.  

Post- talk, several men, women and children visited DJJS MEMR sensitization booth for discussions on the subject. The MEMR poster exhibition put up at the site was a hit with the audience. All motivated by the event many of them came forward and expressed their interest in getting associated with campaign and act as change agents.

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