The world today is at the eleventh hour witnessing frequent disasters whose reach and intensity is expanding day by day. Experts indicate that the deteriorated state of environment and subsequent imbalance is responsible for rising disasters. Ironically, human beings bearing the brunt of these disasters, they themselves stand at the core of this environmental degradation. Ludhiana is one amongst the cities of India facing environmental crises in various forms. To apprise people about the current situations and encourage them to assume their responsibilities, DJJS Ludhiana organized a sensitization program at the Ludhiana Railway Station.

MEMR Nukkad Natak troop performed at Ludhiana Railway Station to raise awareness on pressing environmental concerns of the city

The young MEMR nature conservators started the program with an enlightening Nukkad natak, which caught the attention of people present at the station who the gathered around to witness the play. The railway officials also joined in to watch the sensitizing show. The volunteers enacted before the people various scenarios wherein people waste water. They brought into light various points, which the society attach less importance to, but that later, become the source of many problems. Underlining deforestation as the leading cause of growing pollution in the city, the Nature Conservators encouraged people to plant more and more plants and trees. The audience watched the play in rapt attention, smiling and shaking their heads to acknowledge the odds of their daily practices and understanding the deleterious impact it has on environment. 

MEMR Nukkad Natak troop performed at Ludhiana Railway Station to raise awareness on pressing environmental concerns of the city

Post skit, MEMR Nature Conservator, Jaswant Singh, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder & Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, explained how human race is leading the society towards destruction; impacts of which would be irreversible. He said that the only way forward for the betterment of environment is if all the people participate in this fight. He urged the people to plant trees, use water judiciously and maintain their surrounding clean for the betterment of the city.

In the end, the 50 litres challenge leaflets with tips on saving water at home were also distributed to the people. The program benefitted almost 700 people including men, women and children.

Railway authorities gave a special acknowledgment to the MEMR Nature Conservators and appreciated their efforts to raise social consciousness on the issue.

The MEMR Ludhiana Chapter was launched two years ago. Since then young Nature Conservators have taken up various environmental initiatives across the city reaching out to varied audience.  Their single aim is to make the citizens environmentally responsible and continue this practice until the conservation becomes their habit.

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