“Planting trees is the simplest and best technology for saving the planet from climate change”.

MEMR on a tree plantation spree around the city on Van Mahotsav 2015

A new report published by Oxford University clearly states the value of planting trees. Surrounded by the complexities of life, our brains have been trained for overlooking simple solutions for problems. So has been the case with the most gripping environmental problem climate change. The simple and most potent solution climate change i.e. tree plantation, today has been termed as an environmental cliché. 

MEMR on a tree plantation spree around the city on Van Mahotsav 2015

To break this myth and reiterate the value of planting trees, MEMR Nature Conservators of DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Campaign, Ludhiana Chapter, are out on a tree plantation spree celebrating Van Mahotsav.

“Van Mahotsav is the traditional Indian tree festival marked during the rainy season to revive the green spaces and kindle the forests. The special tree plantation drive by MEMR aims at reconnecting people with the traditional pro- environmental traditions thereby steering them on the path of sustainability” explained MEMR Nature Conservator and disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. 

In addition to the 10,000 trees already planted across the city during the first half of the yearlong MEMR campaign, MEMR plans to plant 20,000 trees this rainy season covering wastelands, suffocated residential areas, low lying slum areas as well as industrial hubs. MEMR Nature conservators have planted trees in New Kitchlu Nagar and Kailash Nagar areas.

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