For Karamsar colony, Tiba road, Ludhiana, 3 Aug 2014, was a green Sunday. DJJS led unique environmental protection campaign, My Earth My responsibility (MEMR), launched in Ludhiana just a week back, organised a unique ‘Walk for the Environment’ for motivating residents of Karamsar colony.  Early in the morning, young volunteers of MEMR campaign clad in their sea green t- shirts joined by students of Decent Public School Ludhiana, walked through the streets of the colony, raising slogans of environmental protection.

MEMR organises ‘Walk for the Environment’

“Prabhat Pheris are a popular cultural practice across Punjab, devotees walk through the streets singing songs of devotion for their beloved lord. Walk for the environment is designed on the same format, however it is unique in the fact that instead of songs of devotions for the Lord, we sang in devotion to the mother earth”, informed Sadhvi Environment leader of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

MEMR organises ‘Walk for the Environment’

Moved by the initiative taken by this troop of young environment motivators residents of the Karamsar colony came out of their homes and joined them in the walk marking their concern for environment. Local councillor Hardevjeet Laali, Principal of Decent Public School – Vijay Thakur, Area head – Darshan Singh, Somlal Giri were various dignitaries who participated in this unique awareness walk.

Locals were sensitized on various environmental anomalies like water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution and motivated to take simple steps at individual and colony level thereby contributing towards a greener future for the city. Local dignitaries and residents pledged for taking local environmental actions.

Furthering the aim of MEMR campaign, Walk for the environment is a step towards motivating colonies to take up their environmental responsibility and contribute towards greener future of the city. MEMR campaign is a unique campaign aimed at steering Ludhiana city towards being an environmentally responsible society. Working with various stakeholders in the urban ecosystems is central to the campaign.

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